As you prepare for your exams, there are many revision techniques like helpful apps or good old pen and paper. It is likely that you will be preparing yourself on how to tackle certain types of questions, completing practice papers and shoring up on your subject matter.

Alongside the library of resources available to you on SchoolOnline, we have a few carefully selected helpful apps for you to consider that can be downloaded to your phone, tablet or laptop. Having these at hand can also help you feel confident in your abilities and help you give your best performance.

So, what are these helpful apps we hear you ask? Well, let us tell you.

 The Oxford English Dictionary

  • A good dictionary is an essential tool for any student – but helpful apps like these allow you to not have to carry a big heavy book around with you all day!
  • The Oxford English Dictionary has a handy app that is much more convenient when you don’t want another big, heavy book.
  • It’s available for iOS and Android and documents over 350,000 words, phrases and meanings, so you can double-check what a certain word is or find exactly the right word to use in your practice essays.
  • Check it out: The Oxford English Dictionary App

Google Drive

To keep your study notes and practice essays safe and secure, why not set yourself up a Google Drive.

Why use Google Drive?

  • This way you’ll not lose something you’ve spent a long time slaving over and can make immediate corrections or amendments, creating as many new documents as your heart desires.
  • You can also make Flashcards!
  • Storing your files online means you have easy access to them across a number of devices.
  • If you’re working on a piece of work with someone else, or have a revision study session with friends, you can easily amend or change documents, even if you’re in separate locations!
  • How great is that!?

My Study Life

  • This helpful app will keep you on track and help keep you organised with important dates for when course work, assignments and exams are.
  • You can also schedule what subjects you still need to revise for.
  • My Study Life is built just for students, so you can create to-do lists to organise your school work and exam prep, get reminders and keep track of everything without feeling overwhelmed.

Why Use Apps?

Helpful apps like these assist you in a range of ways. All the way from organisation to building concrete learning skills than will enable you to maximise your studying while keeping you entertained believe it or not. Studying can be boring, but apps can make it fun. Download a few today and see for yourself!

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