Calculators are a necessary purchase during GCSE years, however having the right one is also important. Your child’s school may recommend a specific calculator, and if this is the case it is best to purchase this calculator as the lessons will be tailored to this calculator. You may also find local secondhand calculators for sale on Facebook Groups or Market Place and other.

However if a specific calculator wasn’t recommended there are plenty of options available, we’ve listed a few of our favourites below.

Make sure your calculator has these key GCSE calculator functions and shortcuts

  • Statistics settings 
  • GCSE calculations
  • Solving equations ➗

These are 5 top GCSE calculator functions that your child needs to learn:

  • FACT function
  • Getting a percentage out of a fraction
  • Mixed numbers
  • Entering time values
  • Finding the highest and lowest common factor and multiple.

Best GCSE Maths calculators 

Casio FX-85GTX or FX-83GTX: solar or not solar

The same features however the 85GTX has solar and battery-power, whereas the 83GTX is only battery powered and therefore slightly cheaper. 

Casio explain, these two models are cheaper than the top of the range FX-991EX because they do not have equation-solving features however these are not absolutely necessary for GCSE Maths. If your child is planning on continuing maths to A-Level, these two models are unsuitable for A-Level maths.

There are also older versions of this calculator the Casio FX-83GT and 85GT Plus, which may be available cheaper online and 2nd hand although the newer versions do have some new functionality so it’s just worth checking the requirements from your child’s school before purchasing an older model.

casio calculator

Casio FX-991EX: The top rated calculator for GCSE and beyond

This scientific calculator is suitable for both GCSE and A-Level Maths. It’s a great choice if you know that your child is likely to continue maths to A-level.

This GCSE calculator model is the updated version of the Casio FX-991ES Plus which like many older models can be found cheaper second-hand. 

As always, do check with your child’s maths teacher since exercises and instructions may be tailored to a specific calculator type. 

Texas Instruments TI-30X Pro MultiView

Although Casio is one of the most well know calculator brands they certainly aren’t the only brand and the Texas Instruments TI-30X Pro Multi-view offers all the GCSE Calculator features you need.  As always do check with your child’s teacher as the layout on this calculator will be different to other brands. 

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