We are delighted to announce that SchoolOnline is an award-winning platform. We have been highly commended by a number of prestigious organisations for our expert content, strong impact on improving outcomes and our purposeful mission which is at the core of everything we do.  

Bett Awards 2023

Another year, another award!

2022 was an amazing year for us, being finalists in awards across the year including the BETT Awards and the Lloyds Bank British Business Excellence Awards.

 Well, 2023 started with a bang when we received the (late-night!) email confirming our nomination.


BETT Awards 1

This year, our shining category is Primary: Digital Learning Product – Numeracy and Maths and we are immensely proud of this.

We believe that our platform revolutionises the way students are supported in their KS2 SATs Maths learning and revision. Every single past paper question on our platform is supported by a step-by-step video delivered by top educators and examiners in studio-quality HD video.

  • Students are empowered and build confidence.
  • Teachers have the tools they need to support their students in a uniquely individualised way.
  • Our trial results speak for themselves – students increased their marks by 76.7% in just 6 weeks using SchoolOnline for 1-2 hours a week.

Want to see for yourself? Check out a free sample video of our hot-off-the-press 2022 KS2 SATs Maths videos.

Bett Awards 2022

The BETT Awards, in association with BESA, are incredibly prestigious awards celebrating excellence in technology for education. We’re delighted to announce that SchoolOnline are finalists for 3 judge-chosen BETT awards.

Click below to read more about why we have been shortlisted for these highly respected education awards. 

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SchoolOnline was developed to provide the benefits of private tuition to children of all income levels by using video-based tuition to scale access. 

Our KS2 Maths tutorial videos each focus on a single past paper question, explaining in step-by-step detail how to work through a problem and ensuring the student achieves maximum marks. Our tutors highlight key steps not to miss out on students working out, and also note common misconceptions and easy mistakes made by students in the past.

Students using the SchoolOnline platform independently at home can work through our content in a self-guided fashion or follow our guided 10-week courses. For these independent students, the Maths platform is particularly effective where the teacher went too quickly in class, or where the class had moved on while the student was still struggling to process the lesson.

Feedback from our KS2 students consistently highlights how easily they can follow the bite-size tutorials “in their own time”, slowly, rewinding and rewatching if necessary. Students who know what they need help with can work through all of our video content independently, working through topics or searching for specific questions using our detailed search catalogue which has questions tagged by topic, sub-topic, year and difficulty/grade level.

Here at SchoolOnline, our approach is to integrate reading and writing. In other words, we treat reading and writing as one activity approached from another perspective, i.e. the reader processes ideas that the writer has produced, and these roles are interchangeable. Consequently, the core of our platform is expertly curated reading and writing tutorial videos and online support materials which aid students in honing the crucial skills they need for KS2 SATs, in-class assessments and in the progression to secondary school.

Our interactive, reinforcement quizzes promote the mastery of this knowledge and ingraining information learnt in the videos into the student’s long term memory. Additional activities (such as crosswords, word searches and close exercises) and a comprehensive glossary section also make up the KS2 English section, designed to support further and deeper learning.

The success of our English platform has been evidenced by our Spring 2021 pilot scheme with Charlton Athletic Community Trust. Here we worked with 30 KS2 students over six weeks, setting them just 30 minutes a week per subject on SchoolOnline. They took assessments before starting the pilot and after the completion of 6 weeks. On average, they improved their English scores by 100.5%.

SchoolOnline provides top quality, digital exam revision in English and Maths through our innovative EdTech platform, which harnesses the benefits of digital distribution to scale access to some of the UK’s top examiners and tutors. In a market where 25% of children receive private tuition to achieve their optimal results at KS2 and GCSE, we set out to level the playing field by developing a solution for the remaining 75% of children that would allow them to access all the benefits that private tuition brings to exam outcomes.

A library of bite-sized tutorials created by the UK’s leading, most experienced examiners provides the backbone of our software. Every single video is produced and animated by an experienced film production team to optimise engagement with children at both GCSE and KS2 levels providing concise, highly targeted tuition. We are delighted to be recognized by the extremely prestigious Bett Awards for the role we are playing in providing top quality education for children from all walks of life. 

Lloyds Bank

We are award finalists in three categories as part of these awards! Celebrating businesses that found new ways to support their communities and employees and thrive during times of hardship, it is the largest and most comprehensive business awards programme in the United Kingdom. 

BBEA Logos Finalist Green

We are delighted to announce that we have been highly commended within this award category. 


This is a fantastic validation of how powerful our product is. Our purposeful mission is fundamental to how we operate as a company and is at the heart of everything we do. This ethos is something that our staff- both executive and junior- feel quite passionately.


To find out more about this award and the purposeful work we are doing check out our blog here!

lloyds bank award

Our CEO, Eddy Chan, has a passionate desire to democratise access to top-quality education, founding SchoolOnline to pursue this mission.


Eddy runs an entirely meritocratic organisation where every team member has the opportunity to make a difference. He has secured numerous corporate partnerships which have been vital to our success as well as being fundamental to our highly successful Pay It Forward Campaign. 

image 3

Having a sustainable positive social impact is at the heart of everything we do here at SchoolOnline. 


From our Pay It Forward initiative through to our core ethos of levelling the playing field, this award is a fantastic recognition of everything we believe in and work towards. You can read more about our positive social impact in action here. 

BBEA Logos Finalist Green
ERA Colour

ERA 2021

In May 2021 we became finalists for the Education Resources Awards. 

We were shortlisted in the category Secondary Resource or Equipment- ICT for our powerful GCSE English and Maths content, supporting students to improve their grades and boost their confidence with their vital exams. 


Enterprise Awards 2020

In 2020 SchoolOnline won Best Online Revision Platform as part of the SME Enterprise Awards. 

Our platform is accessible anywhere, at any time and on any device with internet connection. We make studying accessible and personalised to ensure that students can unlock their full potential in crucial life exams. 

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