SchoolOnline are delighted to announce that we are award finalists in three categories as part of The Lloyds Bank British Business Excellence Awards!

What are The Lloyds Bank British Business Excellence Awards?

  • Attracting a variety of organisations, it is the largest and most comprehensive business awards programme in the United Kingdom.
  • These awards celebrate businesses that found new ways to support their communities and employees and thrive during times of hardship.

In what categories are SchoolOnline award finalists?

We are excited that we have received three finalist places as part of these awards. These include:

What does it mean to be award finalists in these 3 categories?

Our commitment to level the playing field is what drives us here at SchoolOnline.

We want to ensure that all students can access high-quality exam tuition, optimising their exam outcomes and future life opportunities. This purposeful mission is fundamental to how we operate as a company and is at the heart of every interaction we make. It is also something our staff – both executive and junior – feel passionately about.

One of our top GCSE examiners Simon Tomlinson said:

We're award finalists in 3 categories!

Positive Social Impact and Purpose Before Profit in action:

We are delighted that each of the three categories in which we are award finalists links closely to our ethos of levelling the playing field.

Central to this ethos has been our Pay It Forward campaign, which we have rolled out over the last year to an incredible reception.

  • This initiative brings together enormous amounts of goodwill generated amongst the community. As a result of the pandemic, many have been anxious to help those adversely affected.
  • There has also been an extreme need for additional education support. The pandemic has brought severe disruption to many students’ education, and they need further help to bridge learning gaps.
  • The Pay It Forward Campaign brings these two concepts together.
  • As a result, businesses and individuals can buy licences to our platform. We then match their purchase by up to 500% providing them to local schools of their choosing.

This initiative has had numerous success stories!

The UK’s leading trade label printer, Baker Labels, is one of our many supporting businesses, contributing to the support of GCSE students at The Bobby Moore Academy in StratfordBaker Labels got involved in our Pay It Forward campaign, as they recognised the severe disruption to education that COVID has caused.

We're award finalists in 3 categories!

In conclusion, such has been the positive impact of our engagement with schools, after starting our B2B marketing in September 2020, increasing from approximately 10 schools in Autumn 2020 to nearing 100 schools this Spring. This initiative has undoubtedly played a key role in SchoolOnline becoming award finalists in the three categories.

Above all, we are confident that with the support of communities, schools, individuals, big corporations and a vast collective effort, we can level the playing field in education and ensure more positive outcomes for all. This nomination is an honour for SchoolOnline. The fact that we are appearing alongside some other incredible and purposeful businesses as award finalists is a solid testament to everything we do.

We look forward to the award ceremony in November.