KS2 Maths

Improve your grades by 28.6%

In our KS2 Maths trial, students improved their grades by 28.6% on average in just 4 weeks, using the digital tuition videos from our top examiners.

Step-by-step tutorials

Our award winning platform takes a whole new approach to learning and revision. Our Maths Course is delivered by top KS2 SATs examiners through a programme of bite-size digital tutorial videos.

Ideal for children in Years 5 and 6 and beyond, these step-by-step video tutorials are taught by friendly, expert examiners with decades of tutoring experience, who know exactly how to answer questions for full marks!

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What's included

As part of your membership, you will get 24-7 access to over 600 digital Maths tutorial videos created by top KS2 SATs examiners. Each video covers an individual past paper question, walking you step-by-step through the problem and the model solution earning full marks. 

KS2 SATs papers are designed to cover the full curriculum, ensuring a solid grasp of these key building block topics. That’s exactly  why we use these as the basis for our videos. Straightforward and easy to follow, the examiner points out the exact steps to follow for the right answer, as well as key mistakes students have made in the past and how to avoid them.

KS2 Maths Topics


Covering those core building blocks of KS2 Maths, with topics including Written Multiplication and Division, Word Problems (over 35 videos alone!), Multiplying and Dividing Decimals and so much more.

Fractions, Decimals & Percentages

Fractions are often the most challenging questions - we cover them all including Multiplying Fractions, Dividing Fractions, Adding and Subtracting Fractions.


With everything you need to know including Angles, Coordinates, 3D Shapes, Reflection and Scale Drawings.


Covering Units and Conversion, Areas of Triangles, Perimeters and Areas and Volume.

Number and Place Value

Ordering Numbers, Prime Numbers, Rounding Off and much more.

Ratio, Proportion and Algebra

Including Number Sequences, Inequalities and more.


We cover the often tricky topics of Line Graphs, Pie Charts, Bar Charts and more.

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Work Independently

If you know exactly what you need help in, you can work through all of our video content independently. You can find individual tutorial videos arranged by topic and sub topic. Or you can head to Past Papers and work through a full paper, along with step-by-step video solutions to each question along the way.

What’s more, using our My Lists functionality, you can even create your very own tailored workbooks, choosing exactly which questions you want to test yourself with. Print off a workbook (all included in your membership), mark yourself against the model solutions and follow the tutorials for those questions you didn’t get full marks on.

Examiner's courses

If you’d rather follow a more structured course, you can head to our Courses page to choose a KS2 Maths course to follow. We have courses for all levels, whether you’re in Year 5 or 6 (or even a keen Year 4!).

Each course offers 10 units of questions (designed to be covered in 10 weeks), all  carefully selected by our team of Primary School teachers and KS2 examiners. Follow along to tick off all the key topics you need to understand for secondary school.