If there’s one thing we could all use more of, it would be time.

That’s why, for Virtual Schools, we have set up an optional programme to automate the distribution of your licences for our tuition software to students through their carers, social workers and designated teachers.

How does it work? We will set up a custom landing page for your Virtual School that you can email out to your contacts. They simply need to fill in a few short details to request a licence for their student, and we take care of the rest including training and on-boarding.

Within minutes, your students can start benefiting from our award winning bite-size video tuition for English and Maths – just take a look at this short video to see how easy it is.


We’ll also stay in touch with you regularly to keep you updated on progress and usage so you can add licences as needed. You can get started with as few as 30 licences making it a really cost effective solution to provide individual tuition to your students.

If you haven’t yet started using SchoolOnline, we’d love to give you a personal demo of our platform to show you how we are making an impact in schools and trusts across the country. It’s a fantastic tool for delivering tuition for virtual schools that is both cost effective and really makes a difference.

Just head here to book your demo or get in touch at hello@schoolonline.co.uk.