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Over 1350 bite-size video tutorials in English and Maths for KS2 and GCSE

AQA and EdExcel examiners walk you through how to get better marks

2020 Winner of Best Online Exam Revision Platform in SME UK Enterprise Awards.

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Education Resource Awards Finalist 2021

Why Students Get Better Grades Faster With SchoolOnline

Are you getting perfect scores on your past papers? What if an examiner showed you how. Our 1350+ videos have been created by AQA, EdExcel and Key Stage 2 examiners, so you see exactly how to answer questions for full marks.

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Award-winning videos from the people who mark exams

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24-7 access on any device with no time limit

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Safe, friendly expert tutoring – guaranteed

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Hundreds of hours from £8.99 per month

How School Online Helps
You Learn Faster

There’s no point learning something if you forget it straight away.
School Online uses “Sticky Learning” to make sure that what you learn stays in your head.

Feeling stuck? Get help from the nation’s top examiners

What do you do if mum and dad don’t know all the answers? SchoolOnline follows your curriculum to the letter (or number), so you always have an expert to turn to.


Over 900 step-by-step videos show you how to ace your exams

*Students in our trial group increased their marks by 34.65 %

Our Partners Make It Even Easier To Get Better Grades, Faster

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Use Your Clubcard Points

Your Tesco Clubcard points are worth 3X more when you spend them on a School Online course.

Tesco Clubcard Partner

Your Tesco Clubcard points can be exchanged into vouchers at three times the value, which you can use towards a schoolonline.co.uk subscription.
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SchoolOnline and Vodafone work together to provide special deals for Vodafone customers

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John Lewis Partnership

Offering our premium digital tuition to John Lewis Partners.

John Lewis Partnership

We're proud to support John Lewis Partners with access to our award winning digital tutoring platform. Head to your PartnerChoice platform to find out more.

Our Mission To Bridge The Tuition Gap

Only one in four children across the UK gets help outside the classroom. That means three quarters of students are missing out on exam tips, extra help and encouragement, and key learning moments.


SchoolOnline is an alternative to over-priced tuition. Instead of paying £20 hour (minimum) for an amateur tutor, SchoolOnline costs a maximum of £8.99 a month for expert lessons from the UK’s top teachers and examiners.

 Amateur Tutor
Senior Tutor
Top Examiners
School Online
1 hour/week
1 months
save £71.01
1 hour/week
12 months
save £910.01
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