Can I use a different exam board past paper to study for my exam?

We get asked this question a lot through enquiries. It is a very good question to ask, especially as you want to make sure that you’re spending your revision time wisely!

AQA Past Papers

Thankfully, our expert tutor Patricia comes to the rescue again (as always!). We put this question to Patricia and asked for her advice.

Patricia says:

The content for all the boards is exactly the same as it is the National Curriculum. The difference is in the style of questions and the format in the way the questions are written. Following our solutions are still so beneficial for any board.

Fundamentally, the content of the exams from both boards will be exactly the same. 2 + 2 is still 4, no matter who asks the question. The circumference of a circle is still C=2πr. So building a strong understanding of the topics that will be assessed in your GCSE Maths exam is still the very best way you can revise. Fully understanding the topics will mean that, no matter which way the question is asked, you will be able to get full marks.

AQA Past Papers

Our site has some of the very best GCSE Maths revision material available. It is invaluable revision for your exam, whether you are sitting the EdExcel exam or the AQA exam.

Taking a topic-based approach to your revision is an excellent way to study. Identify those topics that are particularly challenging to you and focus your efforts on really building your knowledge around these. You can use our topic-based search function to find videos on those particularly difficult areas, when you sign up to

If you have more questions about exam boards, click here to read more about them. If you want to start your exam practise straight away, we have a whole page dedicated to Maths past papers.

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