Exam Boards

This is a question we get a lot! Many students are very keen to know which exam boards we cover to see whether we are the right platform to use for their exam revision.  The answer, in short, is that our platform is relevant to all GCSE English and Maths exam boards, and we will try to explain why here.


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Our English Language GCSE Revision programme is unique!

We have intentionally avoided focusing on a specific exam board, instead aligning our programme with national curriculum and core assessment objectives across the exam boards.

The goal is to develop the reading and writing skills of students as well as unlocking the language of assessment so that all students have the opportunity to achieve their full potential under examination conditions. 

Not only that, they will build a core foundation of critical reading and writing skills to help them in their future lives, whether that is in further education or in the workplace.


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Our Maths GCSE Revision programme uses Edexcel Past Paper questions as the basis for the videos that guide students through Maths topics and sub-topics. Our videos are also split by Foundation and Higher  level.

The reason for using Edexcel past paper questions is that they are the most commonly used exam board in England.

All exam boards cover the same curriculum, and therefore revising with our videos will benefit students regardless of their exam board.

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