In an exam every mark counts, it could mean the difference between the grade that your child wants and failing to meet their goals. When you head into an exam it’s not just the information that they’ve revised for that’s important, understanding how the system works is crucial for picking up every mark possible.
Understanding how marks are awarded and where certain processes should be followed can help your child:

Show thought processes – For many exam questions, it’s not just the final answer that’s reflected in the mark given, it’s the thought processes too. Being able to demonstrate how you came to a figure in a maths exam, for example, will typically lead to marks if the process is correct. Likewise in English comprehension, your answer may not reflect the markers opinion but if you can argue your conclusion you will still receive points.

Maximising the ‘easy’ points – In an exam paper there are often marks that are ‘easy’ to obtain if you know what markers are looking for but they can be missed. When you’re close to securing that next grade, every mark counts. It can be as simple as using certain phrases or methods throughout.

Developing exam technique – Exam technique plays a significant role in how well you do in your final mark but they can be difficult to develop. By keeping what examiners are looking for in the back of your mind, you’re more likely to improve how you approach papers overall and how you answer questions. It will soon become something that you do without thinking about it, improving your exam results across the board.

If you want to help your child better understand that marking system, your first step should be to approach the school. They should have a copy of what examiners have to look over, identifying where your child could be missing out on those vital marks. It’s important to note that marking systems will vary between different awarding bodies but there are common skills they will all be looking for.

School Exams is the ultimate resource for understanding how each mark is awarded. When your child completes a past test paper they’ll be able to use our videos and other resources to see if the approach they took is the one that will earn them the highest number of marks. Armed with the right techniques and insights, your child will be heading into their all-important exam well prepared.