Easter holidays have passed, and primary school pupils are starting their final term before the long summer break starts. The 11+ exam might seem a long way off still for those students in year 5 but it’s the perfect time to start adding some extra revision sessions to get them prepared for exam day.

If you’ve yet to start working with your child on 11+ preparation, we’ve got seven reasons why you should start putting a plan together now.

  • The 11+ is typically in September – Exactly when the 11+ takes place varies between schools but it’s usually early in the autumn term in September. Five months might seem like a long period of time, but many pupils start their preparations long before this.
  • Take the opportunity to talk to their teacher – The timing of the 11+ means it’s best to talk to your child’s teacher now to assess how well they’re doing and identify the areas they’re struggling with. They can provide invaluable insight that your child’s teacher next year is unlikely to offer as they will only have taught them for a short period.
  • Shorter revision sessions can have a positive impact – Leaving revision until the last minute will mean spending hours pouring over books. But research has shown that focussed, shorter bursts of studying actually yield better results.
  • Build up memory recall skills – One of the challenges many children find is recalling the information they’ve learnt. Building up these skills through repetition can improve overall marks significantly.
  • Practice exam conditions thoroughly – Exams can be tough to get used to and the 11+ is likely to be the first serious exam your child has sat. As a result, getting used to exam conditions and how to work through papers by using past examples frequently in the run-up could mean picking up extra marks.
  • Leave time for extracurricular activities – Leaving all revision to the end will often mean cutting back on other activities, placing more pressure on your child and they’ll often be less focussed. Spreading revision out and still indulging in treats can support better outcomes.
  • It’s a chance to target problem topics – Topics that your child is finding challenging might not immediately be obvious. Going through papers and revision worksheets gives you enough time to target potential problems.