GCSE results may only have just been released but already another set of pupils eager to achieve their potential are thinking about their exams in the months ahead. If your child has just entered year 11, it’s too early to start thinking about revising, isn’t it? But getting a simple routine in place early could be just what they need to boost their results.

This year saw the first cohort of students being awarded grades under the new GCSE system for English and maths. Another 20 subjects are set to be added to the new, tougher grading system this year, putting further pressure on pupils taking their exams. This year saw the number of students achieving top grades fall and it could indicate that next year will follow a similar trend. Getting ahead of the curve and starting exam preparation now could make sure your child is armed with all the knowledge and techniques they need.

So, when should your child start revising for GCSE? As soon as possible. Of, course you shouldn’t expect them to be putting in hours of work now but a small amount of revision, that gradually increases as exam date draws nearer, could have a big impact. With months ahead, why should teens start hitting the books already?

  • Build good exam techniques – Final results don’t just come down to knowing the right answers but exam performance too. Building good exam techniques can take time but is essential. Going through a practice paper every now and again now will help to make the techniques second nature.
  • Identify areas to work on – Revision can help identify those areas that your child is struggling with, allowing you to provide support where it’s needed. Understanding these areas as soon as possible gives your child a chance more time to tackle them.
  • Make it part of their routine – Teens can often struggle with revision because it’s not part of their routine. Starting now means it will seem less like a chore as the exam period get closer and they need to up how much they’re doing on a weekly basis.
  • Reduce stress – Being prepared can help reduce the stress associated with taking exams, boosting your child’s performance.
  • Remove cramming – Everyone knows that it’s difficult to retain information and feel calm when you’ve simply crammed in as much revision as possible in a few days before the exam. Starting revision processes now can remove that last minute panic.