Stress and anxiety aren’t just issues faced by the adult population. In fact, the latest statistics released by the Office of National Statistics have revealed that one in ten children now suffer from mental health problems. Issues such as stress, anxiety and depression can pop up at any time, however they’re particular prevalent during exam periods when students feel pressure to perform.

So what can you do to help your kids make it through exam time without being crushed by stress? Read on for some tried and tested stress-busting tips.

5 Tips to Reduce Stress During Exam Time

1. Help them draw up study schedules

When studying for a handful of different exams it can be difficult to know where to start. Helping your child draw up an exam study timetable will make the task seem much easier and more manageable.

2. Eat healthy

Fuelling kids with healthy, nutritious food plays an integral role in helping them de-stress and perform at their best. They may crave sweet, processed junk but the reality is that sugar highs are seriously counterproductive when it comes to concentration. Nourishing your little ones with fresh fruit and vegetables, protein rich meats and healthy carbs will fill them with energy and keep their minds active and alert. Breakfast is also a must to kick-start the day!

3. Be supportive

Simply letting your child know that you’re there for them is one of the easiest and most effective ways of helping them deal with pre-exam stress. Sometimes a cup of tea, a heart to heart and a good laugh is all it takes to help them unwind and get back on track. You can also encourage them to write down their concerns, then actively address each issue one by one.

4. Encourage them to take up a hobby

It’s important to commit to study however it shouldn’t be all consuming. Encouraging children to enjoy other activities during exam periods is an important part of helping them maintain a healthy school/life balance. Exercise and sports are particularly helpful as they let kids burn off steam and also release feel good endorphins.

5. Teach and practice relaxation techniques

If your child is really feeling the pressure it’s often a good idea to teach them relaxation techniques, or enrol them in a class. Practices include deep breathing, visualisation and other mental tasks that will help calm the mind.

By adopting these stress-busting tips you’ll be able to help your kids tackle exam time, head on.