One of the best things about SchoolOnline’s Pay It Forward Campaign is that we are able to facilitate local individuals supporting children in the community, is. At such a challenging time for so many people, fostering these community connections through acts of kindness is so important to us as a company.

Recently, we welcomed another generous individual to our Pay It Forward Campaign!

Individuals helping local students to succeed

Martin Bartell has made TWO contributions to the campaign!

Martin originally made one contribution to his local secondary School. However, when he saw what a fantastic impact this can have on this local community, he got in touch with us again! This time a local primary school were the grateful beneficiaries of his contribution.

Martin’s Contribution:

  • Martin wanted to give back to 2 local schools.
  • His contribution has supported a whole GCSE class at the Royal Liberty School in Gidea Park.
  • Additionally, a primary school in Havering have been the next recipients of his contribution.

Why did Martin want to support children in the local community?

Martin told us that he felt:

“It is essential school children are given as much help as possible to get back the time they have missed due to the lockdown”

  • It is clear that Martin wants to support the young people in his community that have spent vast amounts of time out of the classroom.
  • Widening inequalities and the damaging the effects of COVID-19 on education have been widely documented.
  • Therefore, the importance of supporting school children at this challenging time is evident.

How can I get involved in Pay It Forward?Read about how to contribute to SchoolOnline’s Pay It Forward Campaign here! will, at a minimum, TRIPLE whatever contribution you make.

We will match contributions by up to 500% (depending on the value).

Above all, our priority is supporting as many students as possible.

Want to know more about the other local businesses and individuals supporting children in the community?

Head to our blog to read all about the contributions that have already been made. Even though this campaign only began in December 2020, a diverse range of businesses are already involved. What they all have in common is their desire to give back to the community.

We look forward to welcoming many new benefactors to ensure children are able to reach their full potential!