Our exciting new virtual tutor site and Eddy Chan, the dad who founded it, have been regularly featured across the media.

Eddy’s story as a dad who wants to democratise tuition and make it available for all, has been the subject for various articles. Similarly, the new GCSEs and KS2 (SATs) and their new challenging aspects have been under the spotlight: the repercussions are now being felt by families all around the country.

Talking to the Telegraph, Eddy says: ‘It’s clear that parents are as stressed as their children when it comes to exams. Two years ago, my daughter started asking me for help with maths. I would try to help and she’d say: ‘but we don’t do it like that daddy!’”

‘You hear horror stories about super tutors who are being paid thousands of pounds and people are taking them on holiday with them.’

Here are a few highlights of where Eddy and School Exams has been featured to date:

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Furthermore, the poll that School Exams has conducted to understand parents’ needs when it comes to helping their children attain exam success has been featured widely across the media including the Sunday Mirror and Daily Express.

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