In the UK, inequality in education has remained a key problem. This has been worsened by the impact of COVID, School closures and the digital divide. 

Our core value: Level the playing field in education to ensure all those who need it are able to access high quality additional support.

Here at SchoolOnline we want to help ALL students to achieve their full potential. It is important to us to do this by having an expertly created platform AND also making it available at an accessible price. We can achieve this by using the power of technology to deliver highly effective digital tuition that rivals in-person tuition, while using economies of scale to keep costs down. Our focus is on doing things smarter. Smarter Learning, Better Grades. But also: smarter delivery, more opportunities for all.

Our aim is to become the go-to resource for all children, parents and teachers to prepare for key exams, and to support all children in achieving their full grade potential with qualified, expert tuition.

  • We know that there are growing levels of private tuition in the UK.
  • Furthermore, estimates show that on average a student spends around £800 per year on private tuition.
  • However this form of extra support is not affordable to the majority of people.
  • We want to help to solve widening inequalities in the education sector by helping all students to access high quality tutorials and revision materials, for a fraction of the price of a private tutor.

How is responding to inequality in education?

Our core value is to level the playing field for students.

  • offers the highest quality exam focused tuition in the core subjects of English and Maths for all students.
  • Furthermore, our focus is to help children to succeed in critical exams and assessments. 
  • Made up of completely up-to-date, past paper specific content. These are the most sought after learning materials.
  • Fully digitised content. It can be accessed via mobile, PC and tablets.
  • PROVEN to improve students grades.

Our Founder Eddy Chan:

The founder of SchoolOnline, Eddy Chan, believes that our mission to level the playing field is crucial.

“At SchoolOnline we want to make top quality exam revision accessible to all children. With our Smarter Learning videos and materials, every child now has the opportunity to get the very best marks they can.”

Our expert tutor team

The company’s core value of levelling the playing field is something that is also shared by all of our fantastic tutors, examiners and expert teaching panel.

Click to watch the video below from one of our expert GCSE English tutors, Heather Holmes. Heather discusses how she believes this platform will really improve outcomes for students and the importance of that for their studies.

Find out more about our expert team of tutors, examiners and teachers and why they got involved with SchoolOnline here.

Above all, ensuring students have access to the highest quality exam tuition in the core subjects of English and Maths is central to our ethos. For further information about our ethos and how we are levelling the playing field click here.

Inequality in education

Furthermore, if you want to try our free resources click here.

This includes material like our:

  • 10- week KS2 Study Club
  • 8-week GCSE Boot Camp