If you’ve been trying to encourage your teen to become more engaged with their revision ahead of their GCSEs or A levels, you’ll no doubt have been met with a challenge. Revision can be dull and repetitive but that doesn’t mean it always has to be that way.

Adding some fun into revision doesn’t just encourage you teen to stick to the plan set out, it has a positive impact on their learning outcomes too. When you’re interested, engaged, and focussed on your revision, it undoubtedly helps it stick in your mind. When your teen is sitting in an exam trying to recall information it will come back to them far quicker if all the revision sessions don’t simply blur into one.

If you’re looking for a way to boost revision, we’ve got five ideas for you:

1. Use multimedia

For some people, simply reading a book is the best way to absorb information. But this isn’t always the case. Audio and video could be just what your teen needs to remember their notes, plus it provides something different too. School Exams delivers its expert tutorials in video format, allowing your teen to learn in a different way.

2. Do presentations

Rather than just having a book of notes to read, encouraging your teen to share information is a great way to boost what they retain – plus it’s a chance for you and other family members to learn something new too. Explaining their revisions notes will typically mean that teens are left with a better grasp of the information as well.

3. Try revision games

The internet instantly connects you to a whole range of resources, including dedicated games. If your teen has a competitive streak it’s a great way to ensure they keep going back to get that high score. If you’re feeling really creative you could always create your own offline version with them.

4. Enable group sessions

Learning with other people is always going to be more fun. Letting your teen have friends over for a study session means they’re more likely to be enthusiastic about the process. Of course, you’ll need to make sure they stay on task and schedule in times when they can have a break.

5. Make it interactive

It’s not always possible to make revision interactive but when it’s an option it can really liven up the study session. Basic science experiments and heading to a museum a great options here. For many people, doing something means it stays in their mind for far longer.