Your child may only just have headed back to school for the start of a new year but already exams are looming for those with an eye on getting a coveted spot at a grammar school. They’ve no doubt be spending months or even years practicing their responses and exam style to give them the best possible chance of demonstrating their full potential but the work they do over the next few months will be crucial.
While when the 11+ exams are sat varies depending on the grammar school you’ve selected, they are typically held during the first term, giving your child a few months to refine their knowledge. Luckily, with the right processes in place, you can give them a boost and increase their confidence as they head into the exam hall.

  • Research the test – If you haven’t already taken this step it’s an important one. The 11+ exam can vary slightly between different schools and you should research exactly what you child’s will entail. With the right knowledge, you can help better prepare them for taking the test.
  • Use practice papers – When it comes to taking any exam, being prepared can be a huge positive. There’s no better way to help your child understand what’s expected than by going through some practice papers, including timing answers. School Exams gives you access to everything that you need, providing not only practice papers but tutorials that help them pick up every mark.
  • Find some motivation – Many children can become disinterested or burnt out if they’ve been preparing for the 11+ over a long period of time. Without some motivation, you’re likely to see their grades dip at some point as a result. It could be as simple as a break to watch an episode of their favourite show or the promise of a day out if they manage to stick to their revision timetable.
  • Vary the revision – Revision can quickly become repetitive and dull, meaning it won’t stick in your child’s mind as well. Rather than always preparing for the 11+ in the same way try mixing it up and incorporating CDs, books, and online resources. School Exams’ videos can give your child an insight into exam responses in a fun, interactive way.
  • Don’t panic – Being in the right might set is vital for doing your best in any exam and one of the ways to make sure that your child goes in feeling confident is to embrace a positive attitude yourself.