The past year has been incredibly challenging for many people.

However, young people’s learning has been severely disrupted. So, you might be wondering: How can I support local children’s education?

Well wonder no more!

SchoolOnline have recently launched the Pay It Forward Campaign. Businesses and individuals are able to pay forward their past successes and support their local community.

  • Through this campaign, you or your business can purchase subscriptions to our online video tutorial revision platform.
  • This will support KS2 and GCSE students with their English and Maths; crucial subjects students need to pass in order to succeed in the future.
  • Furthermore, SchoolOnline will then match the contribution made by up to 500%, supporting as many students as possible

So, you might have gone from wondering ‘How can I support local children’s education?‘ to wondering about the businesses that are already involved in the campaign.

Well, wonder no more!

We recently welcomed The Boutique & Co. to the Pay It Forward Campaign!

Support Local School Children's Education

Who Are The Boutique & Co.?

  • The Boutique & Co. are a West London Bridal shop.
  • They opened in 2016 when Tori Harris, owner of Elevate Bridal hair and makeup agency & Vicky Mallinson, owner of wedding accessories brand Victoria Mill√©sime decided to join forces and open a modern, fashion forward bridal shop in London.
  • Their dream was to create an amazing, fun, friendly space where brides could find their dream dress at the same time as booking their hair and makeup artist and designing their perfect bespoke hair accessories.
  • The Boutique & Co. are also fast becoming one of the best bridal shops in London
We caught up with Tori Harris, co-founder of The Boutique & Co. to find out why her business got involved.

Which Local School is The Boutique’s Contribution Going to Support?

  • Melcombe Primary School, Fulham
  • The Boutique have a fantastic relationship with the local area. Therefore, they were very keen to support the local community:

“Many of our customers have children, or friends and families children attending schools in the local area. We chose to donate to a school in our local community that needed the additional support the most”

How Has COVID Affected Your Business?

“Very negatively. We were closed March-Jul and then again in November and then on the 20th Dec until (well, we’ll see!). So we’ve spent a lot of the year unable to trade, add to that the disruption to the 2020 and now 2021 wedding season it’s been a very challenging time indeed.” 

Why Did you Decide to Contribute to The Pay it Forward Campaign and Support Local Children?

“While the affects of COVID on the UK economy have been very challenging for us once we have found a way through the current pandemic we truly believe we’ll bounce back and carry on stronger than before. However the same cannot be said for the school children who have had now 2 school years disrupted by COVID and have missed out on so much from teaching hours to exam preparation and exam results.

The key to the next stage of our lives is in the exam results we get throughout our schooling and we want to ensure that these children are given as fair as chance as possible and every additional resource possible to help them through the next few months!”

We enjoyed listening to Tori’s optimism for the future. Equally, her emphasis on making sure every child has access to a good education to help secure their future really resonated with our company ethos.

SchoolOnline are so pleased to welcome The Boutique & Co. to our Pay It Forward Campaign. Additionally, we are looking forward to hearing about the progress the children at Melcombe Primary School will make with this fantastic contribution.

How Can I Support Local Children’s Education?

How Can I Support Local School Children's Education?
  • We’ve told you about our campaign.
  • We’ve given you an insight into one of our Pay It Forward benefactors and their motivations for joining the scheme.
  • You’re probably wondering now: How do I get involved?

Well, wonder no more!

Just click here to read about how to contribute to SchoolOnline’s Pay It Forward Campaign!

Whatever donation you make SchoolOnline will, at a minimum, TRIPLE the contribution made and will match contributions by up to 500% (depending on the value). Ultimately, our priority is supporting as many students as possible.

We look forward to welcoming many new benefactors to ensure children are able to reach their full potential.