Individuals help local students to succeed through our Pay It Forward Campaign have enjoyed this opportunity to give back to the local community.

One of our frequently asked questions is:

“I don’t own a business but I want to help local students. Can I still participate in’s Pay It Forward Campaign?”

Of course! We welcome all contributions. Whether you’re from a small local business or an individual who understands the challenging time students have recently had. You are more than welcome to get involved in our Pay It Forward Campaign!

Individuals helping local students to succeed

We recently welcomed a new individual to our Pay It Forward Benefactors team!

Dan Parker wanted to get involved with our Pay It Forward Campaign and support the young people at his old high school! This is another fantastic example of the diverse range of individuals, businesses and reasons people are getting involved in Pay It Forward. However, what they all have in common is their desire to support the community and ensure success for local students.

Where is Dan’s contribution going to?

  • His contribution will be supporting GCSE students at Howard of Effingham School in Surrey.
  • Dan chose to contribute to this school as this was his old high school.

Why did Dan want to get involved?

Dan said:

“I chose to participate in the ‘Pay It Forward’ campaign because I know the pandemic has affected so many pupils across the country over the past twelve months. ‘Pay It Forward’ is a great way for children to have access to tools in assisting them with their exam revision, and hopefully helping to unleash their full potential!”

We started the Pay It Forward Campaign in December. We have been astounded by the generosity of both individuals and local businesses. Core to our company ethos is supporting young people and levelling the playing field so all students have access to a high quality education.

How can I get involved in Pay It Forward?

Want to know more about the other local businesses and individuals helping local students to succeed?

Head to our blog to read all about the contributions that have already been made. We look forward to welcoming many new benefactors to ensure children are able to reach their full potential.