We’re pleased to announce some great news about companies supporting students’ education by getting involved in SchoolOnline.co.uk’s Pay It Forward Campaign!

This week we welcomed Audley Chaucer Solicitors as a new Pay it Forward benefactor.

In December 2020 SchoolOnline.co.uk launched the Pay It Forward Campaign. Businesses are able to pay forward their past successes through purchasing subscriptions to our online video tutorial revision platform for KS2 and GCSE English and Maths. SchoolOnline then match the contribution made by up to 500%, supporting as many students as possible.

Good News About Companies Supporting Students' Education through SchoolOnline.co.uk's Pay It Forward Campaign

Audley Chaucer Solicitor’s Contribution

We are delighted to announce that Audley Chaucer Solicitors have decided to make a valuable contribution to the Pay It Forward campaign.

  • Audley Chaucer Solicitors is a Surrey based law firm.
  • They are a highly regarded company offering a whole spectrum of legal services.
  • By getting involved they have been able to support numerous children at Claygate Primary School.
  • Audley Chaucer wanted to give back to their local community.
  • Moreover, they recognised what a challenging time this has been for students and how important access to high quality revision resources to ensure future success.

Here’s why Audley Chaucer got involved and the impact they believe the campaign will have on students:

Why did you choose to support Claygate Primary School?

“Audley Chaucer Solicitors chose Claygate Primary School as the school of our choice because we wanted to support the children in our local community. The amazing opportunity to have our donation tripled by SchoolOnline.co.uk has enabled us to provide Claygate Primary School with numerous licences. These licences will enable the children to gain access to over 1,300 high quality video tutorials in English & Maths. This will provide them with valuable skills to prepare for teacher assessments and their future educational journey.”

How Do You Think the Scheme Will Impact Students?

“We are very proud to support such a worthwhile scheme. Not only will the children benefit, but the teachers will also benefit from the teacher functionality that is in place enabling focus groups to be created for those children who need the additional practice & understanding. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity of receiving the best education possible. The SchoolOnline.co.uk Pay It Forward Scheme is an opportunity to take one step closer to this being possible.”

We’re so proud that Audley Chaucer decided to support us in helping to level the playing field.  Their contribution will help to ensure that as many children as possible have access to a good education.

How Is SchoolOnline.co.uk Helping to Level the Playing Field for Students?

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SchoolOnline.co.uk was built on the principle of making top quality exam revision accessible to all children.

Our ethos is to levels the playing field by offering the highest quality exam tuition in literacy and numeracy for all students to help them succeed in critical exams.

  • We know that Student’s have faced an incredibly challenging time in their education.
  • Many are sitting life changing GCSE assessments or similarly preparing for their transition into secondary school.
  • However, they have missed large chunks of time in school and it is unsurprising therefore that their education is suffering.

In conclusion, we started our Pay It Forward campaign to enable businesses who have succeeded in the past year to pay forward their successes. We are so pleased to be able to bring you this good news about companies supporting students’ education, through Audley Chaucer’s contribution.

Certainly, SchoolOnline are looking forward to continuing to welcome many new benefactors to the campaign. Above all, we want to ensure as many children as possible are able to access high quality resources.  Our aim is to ensure they can succeed at school and have bright, successful futures.

Are you interested in joining the Pay it Forward Campaign? Do you know another businesses who might be interested in supporting students in your local area?  Click here to read more about our Pay It Forward Campaign.