Brain food for boosting brain power just before exams or revisions sessions doesn’t just mean offering a plentiful supply of water or poached salmon, there are plenty of other ways that parents can help promote better health, concentration and keep their children away from the energy drinks and junk food that will do little to help them to achieve the grades they deserve.

Here are some quick and easy meal ideas to boost brain power using ingredients that they’ll actually enjoy!

Omelettes or scrambled eggs

Quick, easy and super cheap to make, eggs are a great source of protein and vitamin B12 that helps convert glucose into energy.

For an extra brain power boost, blanche a little spinach for extra vitamin K – this helps to build up pathways in the brain – and then sprinkle a little cheese or dried parmesan on top for flavour.

scrambled egg brain food
Suggested brain food – Scrambled egg

Peanut butter on toast

A great pre-revision snack or a quick before school breakfast, peanut butter is packed full of healthy fats and protein for energy. Slather it on wholemeal toast  (which is full of fibre) and they’re guaranteed to stay fuller for longer and therefore find it easier to concentrate in class. If you’re allergic to nuts, the best substitute for peanut butter that is high in fibre, protein and rich in essential fatty acids such as cashew butter, or sun butter (made from sunflower seeds).

peanut butter on toast
Toast with Peanut Butter


We all know that fruit is good for us, but some are almost purpose made for revision and exam purposes.

Dark berries such as blueberries, strawberries and cherries are packed full of anti-oxidants, so stir some frozen berries into their hot oats in the morning for a warming breakfast that will help keep them full for longer too.

Bananas are also packed full of potassium and can help aid restful sleep, so if your child is struggling to get to bed on time or worrying about their upcoming exams, then a simple banana is far better than a pre-bedtime biscuit for helping them get the vital rest they need.

AdobeStock 143445294
Banana, strawberry, blueberry fruits

No bake choc and seed oat bars

If your child is begging you for chocolate, then these no bake choc and seed oat bars are great for satisfying that sweet tooth while using pumpkin and sunflower seeds to impart essential minerals like magnesium, potassium, zinc and selenium that are vital for memory and concentration.

Simply combine oats, seeds, dark chocolate chips and honey in a mixing bowl and then transfer to a pan. Pop it in the fridge for a few hours before cutting into snack sized bars that are ideal for a healthy, brain-boosting lunchbox snack.

AdobeStock 121535285
Healthy snack bar

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