SAT’s in year 9 are a stepping stone to help you progress onto your GCSE exams, which will take you two years to complete.

So, just how much impact will your SATs results have on your GCSEs?

They may affect the subjects you can choose

How well you do in your SATs may have an impact on the GCSE subjects that you are able to choose. Students who don’t do as well may find that they are more limited when it comes to the choices that they are able to make. This could be significant if you are already considering what subjects you want to take at A Level. Because limitations are put on those that don’t achieve such good grades, it can lead to a lot of doors being closed for people and may mean that students are not able to explore creative or academic avenues that interest them without resits and longer processes.

They can prepare you for higher education

Every time you progress to the next level in your education, it prepares you more for what’s ahead. Once you’ve completed your SAT’s and are able to move onto your GCSEs, the grades you achieved don’t matter too much, but the experience that you gained in the exam environment will be invaluable and will help you to become familiarised with taking exams.

In order to ensure that you receive the best possible marks for your SATs, there are a number of steps that you can take. Follow the advice laid out below to ensure that you achieve the best possible mark in your GCSEs.

Find out the areas that you need to work on

It’s likely that there are certain topics or areas that you find challenging, so it helps to know what they are so you can dedicate more time to revising them. It may also be worthwhile to arrange a meeting with your teachers who will be able to tell you the areas that they have noticed you understand less.

Do past papers

There is no better way to prepare for exams than by doing past papers. They put you in real-life exam scenarios and mean that you will be able to gauge what you should expect from an exam. All of our SATs exam papers can be found here and are a great resource that you use again and again.

Set up a study group

Sometimes revising for exams alone and in silence can be boring and means you are less productive, so overcome this by setting up a study group with your friends. You’ll be able to talk about things you don’t understand and learn from each other as well.