Jackie’s News: The newspaper delivery service making headlines.

How? Jackie’s News have been supporting the local community by contributing to SchoolOnline.co.uk’s Pay It Forward Campaign.

What is the Pay It Forward Campaign?

In December 2020 SchoolOnline.co.uk launched the Pay It Forward Campaign. Businesses and individuals are able to pay forward their past successes and support their local community.

  • Through this campaign businesses can purchase subscriptions to our online video tutorial revision platform.
  • This will support KS2 and GCSE students with their English and Maths: crucial subjects students need to pass in order to succeed in the future.
  • Furthermore, SchoolOnline will then match the contributions made by up to 500%, supporting as many students as possible.
Jackie's News joins Pay It Forward

The Newspaper Delivery Service Making Headlines: Jackie’s News

  • Jackie’s News joined our campaign as one of the very first benefactors.
  • This wonderful newspaper delivery service recognised the challenging times that local students had been facing with school closures and uncertainty over exams.
  • Importantly, Jackie’s News wanted to give back to the local community.
  • When they contacted us, we helped them to contribute SchoolOnline licenses to schools in their local area who would benefit from the extra support.

Who Are Jackie’s News?

Which Local School is Jackie’s News Contribution Supporting?

Recently, we caught up with Guy from Jackie’s News to find out why their business got involved:

Why Did you Decide to Contribute to The Pay It Forward Campaign and Support Local Children?

“This has given us the opportunity to support 30 disadvantaged children in the excellent schools that our own children attended.

We hope that the licences to the website will help impact their progress and results, in conjunction with all the support they get from their teachers.”

We are so pleased to welcome Jackie’s News Ltd. as a benefactor to the Pay It Forward Campaign. Furthermore, we are looking forward to hearing about the progress the children within the Tenterden Schools Trust that this contribution went to will make with this fantastic contribution.

So, want to know more about the other benefactors involved? Check out our blog here.

How can I help?

The Newspaper Delivery Service Making Headlines

Finally, we’re so pleased to welcome a host of diverse businesses to the Pay It Forward initiative. You really can change a child’s life by getting involved in our campaign. You can help them succeed in the core subjects of English and Maths, so critical to life outcomes.

Want to know more? Then just click here to read about how to contribute to SchoolOnline’s Pay It Forward Campaign!

Whatever donation you make, SchoolOnline will, at a minimum, TRIPLE the contribution made and will match contributions by up to 500% (depending on the value). Ultimately, our priority is supporting as many students as possible.

We look forward to welcoming many new benefactors to ensure children are able to reach their full potential.