In the run up to exams when the pressure is on, you may feel as though it’s necessary to enlist a little bit of extra support for your child in the form of private tuition.

Private tuition is a great way to get your child ready for exams because it provides them with that one-on-one support and mentoring that they may often struggle to get in a classroom of over 30 children. It also means that they can spend time focussing on things that they find individually challenging and are free to learn and develop at their own pace.

While the merits of private tuition are clear, sessions of this kind will normally always come with a hefty bill at the end of it.

Studies have revealed that over half of London school pupils are receiving private tuition but many parents are still not financially comfortable enough to fork out for private lessons for their children.

If you want to get your child ready for exams but aren’t financially able to pay for private tuition, there are a number of alternatives that will save you some pennies while ensuring your child is well prepared for exam season.

Seek support from the people around you

Whether it’s your neighbour with a masters in mathematics or your older brother who works as a journalist and is a superb writer, you are likely to know people within your social and family networks who can provide some support for your child. Ask them to talk them through any topics that they are struggling with and test them on questions that are likely to come up with exams. If they’re a good friend or a close relative, we doubt that they will charge a fee for their services!

Get your child into a routine with past exam papers

Past exam papers are one of the best ways that children can prepare for exams because it mirrors the situation and environment that they will be in on the day. We suggest putting in place a scheduled routine so they have clear tasks and goals to meet each week and can feel like they are getting somewhere with their work. Try doing two a week and go through the answers over the weekend.

If your child is preparing for their GCSE’s we have a number of online past papers that will make great revision resources and will ensure they get the grades they want.

Teach yourself so you can teach them

The best learning starts at home, so put on your thinking cap and get doing some research into your child’s more difficult subjects. You may find that they respond better from learning from someone that they are more comfortable with as well.