Purpose Before Profit: Our latest achievement

Purpose Before Profit: Our latest achievement

We are delighted to announce that SchoolOnline are finalists for the Lloyds Bank Purpose Before Profit Award! This is a real honour for us and a fantastic achievement. Here we answer all your burning questions about our finalist status and why purpose before profit is so important to us at SchoolOnline.   1. What is […]

The Appeal Process for GCSE Results

GCSE Results Appeal Process

What is the appeal process for GCSE Results? If you didn’t get the grades that you wanted, don’t worry! We’re here to walk you through the appeal process for GCSE results. You have a number of options open to you if you are unhappy with the results you receive or you think they are wrong, […]

GCSE Results Day 2021 – What You Need To Know

results day 2021

What do I need to know about GCSE Results Day 2021? It’s a question many GCSE students will be asking themselves as the 12th of August draws closer. We spoke to one of our expert English tutors, Heather, to find out her advice on everything you need to do on your results day. What do […]

Should I revise over the Easter Holidays?

Should I revise over the Easter Holidays? If so, how much work should I be doing? These are two questions that our students at both year 10 and year 11 have been asking us frequently at the moment. Heather Holmes, one of our fantastic GCSE English tutors, weighs in on the question of revision over […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Vary Your Revision

5 Reasons You Should Vary Your Revision

Why should you vary your revision? Maybe you’ve found a technique that works really well for you, that’s great! But when it comes to exams it’s important to mix it up and try different revision techniques to challenge your brain and below we will explain the reasons why. Here are 5 great reasons why you […]

5 Top Tips For Creating a Strong Study Plan

5 Top Tips For Creating a Strong Study Plan

What are the secrets to creating a strong study plan? It’s very easy to become flustered and overwhelmed when looking at a big pile of books, pads full of notes, a blank stash of flash cards and a long list of subjects to master. When that happens, it’s incredibly hard to study productively or systematically […]

9 Best Tips to Revise Shakespeare for GCSE English

The 2 Best Ways Encourage Children to Love Learning Shakespeare

‘How Should I Revise Shakespeare for GCSE English?’. This is a question we often get asked. We know that Shakespeare can be a topic students often struggle with. However, the GCSE English Literature reading list has numerous plays on it and some exam boards even have a whole exam dedicated to Shakespeare’s works. Certainly, it’s […]

New Company Joins Campaign to Support Local School

New Company Joins Campaign to Support Local School

Recently a new company has joined our Pay it Forward campaign to support their local school. Our Pay It Forward Campaign has been running since December 2020. In that time it has supported hundreds of pupils across the country at an incredibly challenging time in their education. What is the Pay It Forward Campaign? 2020 […]

Student Tips for Preparing for KS2 SAT Tests

SATs are an important part of KS2 education, and for a lot of students the pressure to succeed can be overwhelming, especially when it feels like you have a lot to lose when you fail. As long as you are properly prepared and ensure that you set yourself enough time to study, you should be able […]