What is the appeal process for GCSE Results?

If you didn’t get the grades that you wanted, don’t worry! We’re here to walk you through the appeal process for GCSE results.

You have a number of options open to you if you are unhappy with the results you receive or you think they are wrong,

Firstly, talk to your school and teacher who will be able to advise you on the best way forward. Ultimately, you can appeal against the result.

the appeal process for GCSE Results

If you want to appeal your grade there is a two-stage process this year. This is what the government has said the processes will involve: 

Appeals Stage 1 – Administrative or Procedural Error

At this stage, a student can ask the school if an administrative or procedural error has been made. If the investigation proves this to be the case, the school can submit a revised grade and the exam board will issue a revised grade if they agree.

Appeals Stage 2 – Appeal to the Exam Board

In a case where the school does not believe an administrative error has been made, the student can ask the school to submit an appeal on their behalf to the exam board.

The school will then submit the appeal and provide the exam board with a variety of evidence, including the school’s justification for the grade, the student’s concerns, and details of the process taken to determine the grade.

The exam board will then consider whether the grade represents an appropriate or reasonable exercise of academic judgement. If the exam board feels this is not the case, it will state which grade they would support.

key dates

Key dates you need to be aware of:

The two key days for review requests to be made to the centres centre (if you want to appeal your grades) are

  • Until 16th August for priority appeals.
  • Until 3rd September 2021 for all other cases.

This will enable centres to meet the deadlines to submit appeals to awarding organisations (exam boards).

All requests for the appeal process must be made directly to the centre which submitted the grade. These must be received by the awarding organisation by:

  • 23rd August for priority appeals – meaning students applying to higher education who did not attain their firm choice.
  • 17th September 2021 for all other cases.

It is important for you to know that awarding organisations will not accept appeals from students or parents directly.

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