What do I need to know about GCSE Results Day 2021?

It’s a question many GCSE students will be asking themselves as the 12th of August draws closer. We spoke to one of our expert English tutors, Heather, to find out her advice on everything you need to do on your results day.

What do I need to do on GCSE Results Day?

Schools will operate different methods when it comes to sending out exam results on Results Day and so the best thing to do is check with your school as to how they intend to get your results to you. Because of Covid-19, you may not be able to go into school to pick up your results slip in person, and your school may decide to email them to you, but when they will arrive and what they will look like will depend on your school’s arrangements. Check out your school’s website for the information you need.

GCSE Results Day

How can I deal with Results Day stress?

One important thing to remember is that your well-being and mental health is important, no matter what the outcome of Results Day. Just breathe.

We’ve listed below some useful websites for you to visit to help you with Results Day stress:

ParentKind – Surviving Results Day

Samaritans – Prioritise wellbeing on exam Results Day.

What do I do if I haven’t passed my maths or English?

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For both maths and English resitting is mandatory if you haven’t achieved a Grade 4 pass. You’ll have to study these subjects at college until you either pass or turn 18.

If you don’t have your maths or English GCSE, you may not get onto your first-choice course as the places will go to those who do have the grades the course or college has asked for.

How do I go about taking resits?

You may be able to secure a place on another course when this happens. However, you will still have to resit your English and/or maths GCSE, and attend lessons to help you do this, alongside your other college courses. Even if you want to pursue a non-academic course, such as an apprenticeship or a vocational qualification, you will still be expected to re-sit your GCSE English and maths if you have not passed them at a Grade 4 or above.

Do you need a helping hand with GCSE resits?

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Motivate yourself to revise over the summer holidays

For more information regarding appeals PLUS everything you need to know about Results Day 2021 head to our blog here.