We are delighted to announce that a new company, R & J Pearce, has joined our campaign to support local students’ education. Last year, SchoolOnline created the Pay It Forward campaign. Our aim is to help rekindle community connections and support local students with their education at this challenging time.

What is the Pay It Forward campaign?

The past year has been incredibly tough for many students who were preparing to sit critical exams and assessments. This is why SchoolOnline launched the Pay It Forward campaign. So that all students, no matter what their background, have the additional support they need to achieve their full potential.

  • Local businesses are able to pay forward their past successes by contributing to this campaign.
  • They purchase licences to SchoolOnline’s expert English and Maths online video tuition.
  • We then match the contribution by up to 500%. This ensures that as many students as possible can be supported through this fantastic initiative.
  • Businesses can then choose a school to allocate Pay It Forward licences to.

The campaign allows companies of all sizes along with parents and individual sponsors to help to support the students by purchasing subscriptions to SchoolOnline.co.uk to provide support to local schools and students in their local area.

New company joins campaign to support local students education

R&J Pearce joins campaign to support local students education

We are delighted to welcome R&J Pearce to our amazing group of Pay It Forward benefactors.

Who are R & J Pearce?

  • R & J Pearce is a family-owned business.
  • They attend to all the plumbing and electrical needs of Tetbury and surrounding areas.

What local school will R & J Pearce’s contribution support?

2 schools will be the beneficiaries of this fantastic contribution.

  • Firstly, the Year 5 and 6 students at Crudwell Primary School will be able to use SchoolOnline to help prepare them for KS2 SATS and the transition to Secondary School.
  • In addition, the Year 10 and Year 11 pupils at Sir William Romneys School will get access to SchoolOnline to support them with their vital GCSE English and Maths studies.

Why did R & J Pearce get involved in this campaign?

We asked Colin Pearce, owner of R&J Pearce Ltd why they wanted to get involved in this campaign to support local students’ education and what it means to them.

Colin Pearce said: “R & J. Pearce Ltd became aware of this fantastic educational incentive through a family member. As a Tetbury family, we are fully aware that all young people have missed so much of their valuable schooling. With this in mind, we decided to offer as much additional help and support as possible. With a number of family members attending both local schools, we became more acutely aware of this need.”

R & J Pearce are delighted to be able to provide support directly to students. This will enable them to continue to maintain their studies throughout these challenging times.

New company joins campaign to support local students education

SchoolOnline is delighted to welcome R & J Pearce to our diverse group of local businesses as part of this campaign to support local students’ education.

If you would like to get involved in our Pay It Forward Campaign and join this wonderful community of businesses making a difference in young people’s lives, please head to our Pay It Forward page or call us to discuss on 0800 048 7418.