The summer holidays are almost here and it’s time for children to relax and enjoy the sun. But if your child is set to start year six next term and is hoping to secure a place at a grammar school, it’s important for some 11+ preparation to take place.

Stopping revision sessions altogether can mean the previous 11+ work they’ve already put in becomes forgotten and make it more difficult to get back into the swing of things once September rolls around. However, even the most studious pupils need some time off and will get fed up of repeating the same tasks again and again. Balancing 11 plus revision with time to unwind during the summer can be difficult but mixing up studying styles can help it to seem less tedious, as well as helping your child retain more information.

We’ve got six revision ideas to help you create an 11+ revision schedule that offers variety.

  • Plan group sessions – Everything is more fun when your friends are involved. Chatting with other parents to arrange a group study session can help them to share ideas and improve their knowledge by teaching others too, you’ll need to make sure they stay focused though.
  • Use practice papersPractice papers are a great way to prepare for the exam conditions, which are often a new experience for primary school pupils. They’ll be able to focus on the task and improve time management skills, knowing that they can take a break once complete.
  • Try online tutorials – Technology means there are whole new ways to revise and online tutorials offer a great visual alternative. It can be a more engaging way to revise and can even be done while travelling, which is why our practice papers come with a range of video tutorials to browse.
  • Make it a game – Maths questions are a great option for creating revision related games and adding a bit of competitive spirit into revision. It’s also a good way to put yourself in your child’s shoes and understand the topics they’re tackling at the moment.
  • Get creative – Study notes don’t have to be dull and boring, liven them up with a bit of creativity. Combining revision with crafting sessions can help take the pressure off and vibrant, colour coordinated notes, posters, flashcards, and more will be useful in future sessions too.
  • Encourage reading – One of the most challenging parts of the 11+ for many children is honing their ability to write and extend their vocabulary. Encouraging reading books that they enjoy while on holiday can help with this aspect without seeming like revision at all.