Christmas is a time for family, and is often a welcome break from the pressures of work and study. However, there are questions as to whether or not children should continue to study over the Christmas holidays, or enjoy the brief time they have to relax.

The reality is that most students are likely to take a step backwards if they haven’t taken the opportunity to study at least a little over Christmas. 

This can be disappointing for both parents and children, but it doesn’t necessarily mean being stuck at a desk with textbooks and pie charts throughout the holiday period.

Here are 5 ideas and tips to help your children make the most of free study time over Christmas, while still being able to enjoy their break and the festive season.


There are many benefits to reading for both primary and secondary school students. 

For younger children, it helps to extend vocabulary and consolidate grammar. You can make it fun by discussing plot and characters, and creating alternative endings. They won’t even know they are studying!

For older children, it can also reduce stress and provide background knowledge on topics being studied as part of the curriculum, particularly when it’s encouraged as a pleasurable activity rather.


Everyone likes to bake and you can incorporate studying into this activity without your child being aware!

Baking is an excellent way of helping younger children to practise mathematics. From learning how to measure portion sizes, to weighing out measurements and reading values, baking is a fun and interactive way to engage with more difficult subjects without the sense of studying at all.

And you still have the added benefit of having gingerbread cookies in the house!

Creative projects

Fun, creative projects can help encourage imagination and creativity, as well as team building and communication skills. For example, if your child is struggling with their spelling or handwriting, why not try writing stories about a topic your child is interested in? 

For secondary school age pupils, arts and science projects are readily available to download or access via app to reinforce key principles across a broad range of subjects.

Trips out and about

Seek out places that are both fun and informative such as interactive museums, quirky art galleries and national parks, so days out as part of the Christmas break don’t feel like a school chore.

Online learning games

If the festive period is getting a little bit busy then why not allow your children to play online learning games? They can be fun and informative and they’re especially beneficial if they support the national curriculum.

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