Revising for your English GCSE exams can be a daunting task, particularly now no coursework is required. This means that the pressure is all on you during the exam, which are the only chance you get to really show off your English skills.

Don’t worry, however, as if you put in as much revision as possible, and are clever about how you revise, you will feel prepared and confident when the exam comes around.

Read on for four simple tips to help improve your English GCSE exam results.

  1. Have a Revision Timetable

Having a revision timetable is crucial if you want to get the best exam results possible and applies to all your GCSE subjects. When focusing on English, it’s a good idea to split your revision timetable to focus on different things during each session – so on Monday you could revise poetry, Wednesday could be devoted to English Language and so on. This way you can ensure you are spending enough time on each element of your English GCSE.

  1. Practise Makes Perfect

Practise is one of the most important things when it comes to improving your GCSE English exam results. As all the pressure is now on you during the exam, thanks to no longer needing coursework, the best way to prepare is by doing as many practise papers as possible. We have dozens of English practise papers available as part of our GCSE English package, so you can practise to your heart’s content.

  1. Note it Down

As soon as you receive your exam paper, feel free to make as many notes as possible on it – this can be invaluable when it comes to writing about certain extracts. Go through and underline quotes you think will be important, write down any language techniques you might see being used, and any themes you can see emerging. It’s a good idea to get it all down in note-form right at the beginning, so you can write it up in a structured way once you have finished note-taking.

  1. Show Off Your Skills

Don’t be afraid to show off your English skills during the exam – that is, ultimately, what it’s all about. Try your best to show a varied range of skills so that you ensure you stand out to the examiner as much as possible – this is your time to shine.