We all want our children to achieve everything that they are capable of and to have every opportunity to continue their academic careers past the leaving school age, should they wish.

But with colleges and universities cracking down on the grades that they’ll accept for course admission, you might feel that your child needs a little more support outside of the school day to help them reach their goals.

In these cases, extra tuition is often the go-to tool to help ready them for exams at every stage of their education, so in this blog, we’re going to be talking about the benefits that online tuition can offer.

1. Cost

Private one-to-one tuition can be expensive, and when you’ve got more than one school-aged child, the cost can soon become unmanageable.

Online tuition offers a cost-effective alternative to private one-to-one tuition with a straightforward one-off cost, rather than a weekly fee that has to be paid after each session.

2. Time

Ferrying your kids around to a variety of after-school activities can be exhausting, especially when you’re working parents.

Having the ability to log in to an online tuition portal at any time of the day from home means that you won’t have to deliver your child to their tutor’s house or make a special effort to tidy the house before they arrive!

3. Engagement

You can spend days sitting with your child pouring over textbooks, but if it’s not going in, then it’s not going in! Many children are visual learners that enjoy using technology to view videos and engaging walkthroughs to absorb information and to bolster learning. Our online tutoring is enjoyable and educational for this very reason!

4. Success!

Once your child has gone through the video tutorial or walkthrough, they are able to take part in a mock examination that readies them for the real thing. This can help you and your child gauge just how much more work is needed to get the grades they’ve been aiming for.

These mock examinations are created by ex-examiners who outline the skills and techniques required to achieve maximum success.

If there’s still work to be done, then our specially commissioned revision resources are an excellent tool to help them build on their current knowledge and are available to members at no additional cost.