For kids, the summer holidays are here, and they’ll no doubt be planning time to play. But keeping up education to some degree can give them a head start when they go back to school in September. For pupils that will be entering year 6 and taking the 11+ exam this year, continuing school work is even more important.

However, keeping up education in the school holidays doesn’t have to be all about working through exercise books and preparing with practice 11+ exams. Plan a few of these educational trips out, and they’ll hardly realise they’re learning at all. If you’re in need of some inspiration for your educational tips this summer, we’ve got four to get you started.

Head to a science museum

There are fun, interactive science museums up and down the country – and some are even free to enter. If you want to inspire inquisitive minds to ask why things happen, these are the perfect places to head. Look for attractions that offer plenty of hands-on exhibits for entertainment that doesn’t feel like learning at all. The Science Museum in London, Eureka! in Halifax, Techniquest in Cardiff, and the Glasgow Science Centre are just a few of the excellent options.

Visit your local library

For a low-key day out that’s close to home, take a look at what your local library has to offer. Encouraging reading throughout the summer is a great way to make sure your child’s English, comprehension and vocabulary skills stay on track throughout the break. Many libraries have workshops, special guests, and other activities planned when the school are off too to take advantage of. The Summer Reading Challenge is a great way to encourage those that may be reluctant to pick up a book.

Take in a historic site

The UK is filled with historic sites that are just waiting to be explored and, typically, you won’t have to travel far to find a castle, ancient ruins, or stately home that will entertain the whole family. Taking a trip to a historic site is a great way to step back in time and learn about bygone eras, couple it with writing stories, following trials, and doing quizzes, and it’ll be thoroughly educational too. Be sure to check out whether your local attractions have a programme of special events for the summer holidays beforehand.

Explore the natural world

Many kids are fascinated by the natural world and using this curiosity can really give their science lessons a boost. Whether you head to a local country park to learn more about the environment and local wildlife or take a trip to the aquarium for a better understanding of marine biology, it’ll be a memorable and educational trip for all the right reasons.