With the GCSE exam period not far away, revising for mock exams can feel like a chore. Part of the reason it can be hard to get motivated for mock GCSEs is because you know they’re not the real thing, and that can cause a real mental block.

Another issue many students face is the prospect of revising for a round of exams, and then having to reboot and do it all again. This is totally understandable and revising for mocks is something many students struggle with.

Let’s look at why it’s important to revise for your mock GCSEs with the same dedication you would show for the actual exams.

Revision Skills

Revising isn’t all about reading, re-reading and committing information to memory, it’s about developing a system that works for you. No two people are the same and there is no over-arching method that works for everyone. Mock GCSEs can be the perfect arena to work out your best revising habits and it’s the best time to tweak and adjust things until you find the perfect formula for you.

The scenario you don’t want is having to revise for the real thing and panicking because you don’t know how to approach revision. Get it down now, and GCSE revision will be that much easier.


One of the biggest secrets to success in your GCSEs is confidence. If you are confident you know how to answer any question that might come up, it gives you the room to go to the next level and excel. This is where mock GCSEs come in. They’re not just about seeing how well you might do, they’re also about getting comfortable and confident with the material.

Once you know the exam format and likely questions inside-out, you’ll have the base knowledge to build on and be able to answer questions with verve and confidence.

Mocks Matter

Whilst it can be easy to see mock GCSEs as needless stress, they do impact your actual GCSEs. How you do in the mocks will be seen as an indicator of your capabilities and affect which papers you sit. If you fail to revise, then you risk doing yourself a disservice and may end up sitting a paper that is below your real abilities.

Doing well will mean you sit a higher paper and have the chance to show your true potential.