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What if mum and dad don't know the answers?

KS2 students who used SchoolOnline scored over 25% higher after just 6 weeks. SchoolOnline gives you helpful tuition on every KS2 topic in English and Maths, so there’s always a friendly face to ask for help.

Over 470 Maths videos make tricky sums easy

KS2 Maths

Get to grips with the toughies and learn to think like a maths genius. KS2 specialists walk you through SATS past papers, so you get top marks in less time.

KS2 English

Over 300 videos created by top examiners make it easy to sit down and learn. Because the videos focus on critical skills, they give you a big head start in all your studies, getting you ready to move on to secondary school.

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Learn the skills you need for KS2 and beyond

Pricing - How We Compare

How does SchoolOnline compare with other tutoring options?

Amateur Tutor


£801hr/week for 1 Month

£9601hr/week for 12 Months

Save Up to £1865

£7.99Anytime for 1 Month

£54.99Anytime for 12 Months

Senior Tutor

Up to £40/hr

£1601hr/week for 1 Month

£19201hr/week for 12 Months

Have more than one child?

We offer parent accounts to manage your children’s subscriptions. Just add more than one subscription to your basket at checkout, and it will happen automatically.

If you purchase an additional subscription at a later date, you will need to use a different email address.