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Get a big head start to secondary school with our digital tuition videos that are fun, easy to follow in your own time, and will seriously boost your grades.

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Smarter Learning, Better Grades

Ideal for children in Years 5 and 6 and beyond, these step-by-step video tutorials are taught by friendly, expert teachers with decades of experience, who know exactly how to answer questions for full marks!

We offer a totally unique approach to studying KS2 English. Under the helpful, friendly guidance of our top examiners and teachers, you’ll cover all the important skills you need to master to do really well in English. We will teach you how to read like an expert detective, looking out for all those clues and signals to understand everything the writer wants you to know. We will also show you how to write like a pro, covering all the skills and techniques for both creative and non fiction writing. 

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Why is our programme so unique?

As part of your membership, you will get 24-7 access to over 100 digital English tutorial videos created by top KS2 SATs examiners (as well as all of our Maths content!).

Our digital tutorial programme connects the Years 5 and 6 Reading and Writing programmes of study with the KS2 reading assessment framework. Focusing on  building skills rather than just memorising facts, once you have finished our course you will be able to tackle any reading/writing task or test with total confidence, helping you on your way to working above expectations. 

Our examiners have built our entire English programme around your experience and your success. That’s why we focus on providing you with everything you need to work towards Smarter Learning and Better Grades, faster than ever before.


Reading topics covered

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Writing topics covered


How does it work?

Our English course is broken down into easy to follow, bitesize video lessons. Work through 1-2 lessons with our super friendly teachers each time you log on to SchoolOnline (we recommend twice a week) and you’ll soon be acing your English assignments at school!

Each lesson contains a digital tutorial video, covering the really important elements of the skill covered in that lesson. In less than 10 minutes, you will have mastered another another powerful tool to add to your English toolbox!

Once you’ve finished watching the video (go ahead, replay it to watch it again if you need to!), move on to the quiz. This is designed to first check you understood everything in the video, and then give you a chance to show off your new skills by applying it to a new text. 

Finally, each lesson also has additional activities for you to complete. These include lots of different activities, like crosswords, word searches and close exercises for Reading. We will also soon be adding loads of story templates, workbooks and more to help you practice your Writing!

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BONUS: Our vocabulary boosting Glossary course is now included.

NEW since Autumn 2020, our powerful vocabulary booster tutorials will help you understand all those difficult ideas and concepts you come across in your English classes. This course covers things like Alliteration, Context, Emotive Language and much much more. 

Having a powerful vocabulary will supercharge your English skills, and really help you on your way to Smarter Learning, Better Grades. Not only will you understand Reading questions better and know how to answer them for full marks, your Writing will also be far richer, giving you that extra boost you need to do really well!

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