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September Special

£40 for up to 8 Students

SchoolOnline Tutors Pack offers you:

  • 1350 bite-sized videos by professional examiners (More Info)
  • KS2 and GCSE content for Maths and English (More Info)
  • Structured, curriculum-based lessons (More Info)
  • Auto-marking of questions (More Info)
  • Diagnostic tools to show where students need help (More Info)

At SchoolOnline we want to make top quality exam revision accessible to all children. With our Smarter Learning videos and materials, every child now has the opportunity to get the very best marks they can.

- Eddy Chan, Founder

September Special

£40 for up to 8 Students

Find out what SchoolOnline offers great tutors

Easy planning

Lessons structured around KS2 & GCSE key skills (More Info)

Professional presentation

1350 HD videos by examiners (More Info)

Better results for your students

Proven to uplift results by more than 75% (More Info)

Easier analysis

Diagnostic tools to pinpoint student weaknesses (More Info)

Earn trust

SchoolOnline are partners with Tesco, Sky, John Lewis and others (More Info)

September Special

£40 for up to 8 Students

Get Our Pro Tutor Plan

Love SchoolOnline but want to get access to all the Pro features in our Classroom platform? Upgrading is simple and easy from just £180 giving you up to 8 accounts for your children – and we will refund your original purchase too!

What do you get in our Pro Tutor Platform?

  • Full Assignment Workflow tools – set your children work to accompany your curriculum learning
  • Auto-marking – their assignments are automatically marked where possible, allowing you to focus on reviewing their workings
  • List Library of pre-populated assignment content directly aligned to schemes of work, saving you valuable prep time
  • Detailed usage and progress tracking for your children, to keep track of where they are doing well and where they need more support.

Pro Tutor Plan

Access ALL pro features with up to 8 child accounts included
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Auto Marking

Optimised to auto-mark the majority of KS2 Maths questions and a large number of GCSE Maths questions, freeing up valuable time for you as a parent. Where you are required to mark (workings for example), the platform has a highly efficient workflow. You can mark with ease and increased efficiency, AND generate tracked evidence of your child's work as they progress.

Search function KS2

Universal Search

Looking for reinforcement work for the trigonometry topic you've just covered? Want to check their chart knowledge? Fancy setting word problems for them to work on to stretch their skills? Simply search for a topic, past paper or keyword to add to a list. Helping your children to focus on their challenges has never been so simple.

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Interactive Questions

The vast majority of questions on our platform are now fully interactive, allowing your children to digitally submit their answers and either get instant feedback from the platform or highly efficient feedback workflow from you.


Progress Tracking

Get an instant overview of your children's work, including any assignments set. Track their progress, see their improvement and understand their topic challenges so you can focus on improving their understanding and depth of knowledge. Also ideal for evidencing work at home.

GCSE Maths Foundation tuition dashboard

New Courses

Break down learning into bite-sized and guided chunks for your children. Created by our expert examiners your children can follow these pre-designed courses if they need more guidance or for those who want a broad overview of topics to support them alongside their at home learning.

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Any Device

Wherever and whenever the learning takes place your children can use SchoolOnline to support their learning on any device with an internet connection. They can complete their homework, work on their English and Maths and become experts when it suits them; whether that's at home or on the go.

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