New functionality for teachers

This September, we are releasing our brand new platform for schools.

Many months of hard work have gone into the development of this new platform, which brings a host of powerful new features for schools, teachers and students. If you liked our award winning digital tuition and curriculum support platform before, you will LOVE our new platform.

What's New?

  • Fully interactive material across both English and Maths, allowing students to answer assignment questions directly on the platform.
  • Auto-marking for many questions, saving valuable teacher time.
  • Fast and efficient manual marking workflow where required.
  • Rich analytics showing you where your students are performing well and less well.
  • Detailed engagement tracking, so you know when students are doing their work – how often, and how long for.
  • Thousands of additional questions in our Boost-It quizzes to support and reinforce learning.
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Fully Interactive Questions

The vast majority of questions on our platform are now fully interactive, allowing students to digitally submit their answers and either get instant feedback from the platform or highly efficient digital feedback from their teacher. 

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Detailed Assignment Setting Features

You have full control over the assignments you set. Choose whether your students can submit late, retake the assignment, and whether they are required to submit their workings through our digital whiteboard. You can also optionally allow them to see correct answers and video tutorials after each question.

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SchoolOnline Assignment Features 2 8377965

Rich, Informative Analytics

Our platform will be able to tell you for each student how many times they logged in for an assignment, how may tutorials they watched, even what time they were doing their work. These rich data points will give you deep insight into your students’ behavioural patterns so you can spot problem areas.

Performance analytics for each student and across the classroom will allow you to see at a glance where your students’ strengths and weaknesses are.

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SchoolOnline Analytics 2 6939237

Auto-Marking and Efficient Manual Marking

Our new platform has been optimised to auto-mark the majority of KS2 Maths questions and a large number of GCSE Maths questions, freeing up valuable teaching time for you. Not only that, but where you are required to mark (workings for example), we have developed a highly efficient workflow allowing you to mark with ease and increased efficiency, and provide digital feedback directly to your students.

Choose to mark each student’s paper one by one, or mark the same question across all students’ papers in one go. The choice is yours, with a simple toggle.

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