Help your students close the gaps and improve their grades by up to 34.6% in just 6 weeks*

*Students in our summer trial improved Maths marks by 34.6% at GCSE and 28.6% at KS2 on average with just 1 hour a week over 6 weeks.

Fully funded (free to you)

licences until Autumn 2021

Through our Pay It Forward campaign (read more about the campaign and some of our supporters here), we have a limited number of fully funded school licence packs available. The campaign is a fantastic initiative that brings together businesses (large and small) and schools to provide teachers and their students with fully funded licences to our award winning digital tuition platform. 

These licences have been funded by our corporate sponsors as part of our ‘Pay It Forward Campaign’ and are available at absolutely no cost or commitment to schools that would like to gain access to our expert online KS2 and GCSE English and Maths curriculum support and targeted revision content.

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Fully funded school accounts remaining

We currently have just 3 FULLY FUNDED school accounts remaining, from the original 25 available. This will support all of your students in eithers Years 5 and 6 at Primary or 10 and 11 for Secondary school, and are available to any schools that contact us. 

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Watch the videos below to see how our experts guide students through everything they need to know to achieve their very best in English and Maths assessments, just like a private tutor would.

GCSE English

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GCSE Maths

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KS2 English

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KS2 Maths

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