Our mission is to provide Smarter Learning and Better Grades for all, which is exactly why we’re delighted announce our latest community initiative!

In partnership with Charlton Athletic Community Trust we have been piloting the use of SchoolOnline with their community hubs. Through this pilot, KS2 students in a number of hubs have been using our expert online revision tutorial platform with the support of their tutors in the hubs.

How does this new community initiative work?

  • Students completed an initial assessment paper.
  • They have then been attending weekly sessions to revise with the platform in a classroom, led by a tutor.
  • Additionally these students have also been completing homework. The hub leaders have been able to set homework through the assignment teacher tools on the platform.

This community iniative has been designed to support the young people at the hubs in their English and Maths studies. Furthermore, we are delighted to say it has been met with fantastic enthusiasm!

Here is just one testimonial from B Young Stars in Greenwich:

Rising Stars trial - new community iniative

Students in the pilot are now sitting their final assessment papers.

Here are some of the students at Hawksmoor Youth Club sitting their final Maths paper:

Rising Stars trial - new community iniative

This assessment process will help us to measure the students’ progress. As a result of this pilot, our aim is to roll out this new community initiative into even more community hubs across the country.

So, watch this space, we look forward to updating you with the results of this pilot very soon!

SchoolOnline: Levelling the playing field

Supporting new community iniatives is a central part of the SchoolOnline ethos. We are levelling the playing field for all in education and ensuring that students have access to powerful, high quality learning tools.

This is all part of our mission to bridge the tuition gap.  Over-priced tuition is ultimately not affordable to most families. We offer an alternative to that. Equally, with only 1 in 4 children across the UK getting help outside of the classroom we recognise that a huge 3/4 of students are missing out on important exam tips, extra help and encouragement. Read more about our mission here.

We are looking forward to seeing the results of the Charlton Athletic trials. In the mean time, why not check out how else we’re supporting students through our Pay It Forward Campaign and our Tesco One4One initiative.

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