Teacher Tools KS2 and GCSE Revision Aids

Launching: Assignments Teacher Tools for GCSE Exams and KS2 SATs Revision

After months of hard work, we’re thrilled to announce that we have launched our Assignments Teacher Tools on our platform. These powerful teacher tools for GCSE Exams and KS2 SATs arm teachers with everything they need to ensure their students’ revision is highly focused.

Our platform’s unique focus is on individual, bite-size tutorial videos. Each video takes you through specific Reading and Writing skills for English and individual past paper questions for Maths.

Our new tool now empowers teachers to choose the exact questions they want their students to focus on, and assign those to students either across the classroom or in smaller focus groups. As a result, students have laser focused, highly targeted revision at their fingertips.

teacher tools for GCSE Exams


Setting Focus Groups Using Teacher Tools for GCSE Exams and KS2 SATs

Focus groups are a really valuable way for teachers to help target revision in specific topic and sub topic areas where small groups of students may be struggling. Helping each child individually develop according to their own strengths and weaknesses is the best way to ensure optimum outcomes for students, both in their exams and the classroom in general.

teacher tools for focused GCSE and SATS exam revision

You can create unlimited numbers of focus groups, with as little or as many students as you would like to include. For instance, create a focus group for students who struggle with vectors. Or even a focus group for students who are really excelling, assigning them only the most challenging questions. We have carefully analysed and categorised our video content into individual topic and sub topic areas. It’s therefore really easy for teachers to create assignments directly related to their curriculum plan, like White Rose and others. Reuse them across classes and focus groups, year after year. Set up appropriate homework lists now and benefit from the work for years to come.

Setting Assignments for GCSE Maths Exams and KS2 SATs

Creating assignments from your lists is incredibly easy. Simply choose the list from My Lists, complete the pop-up to assign it to the appropriate class or focus group, add a due date and you’re done. Your students will automatically see the assignment appear on their Assignments view. They can then work through the questions and videos in class or at home.

creating a GCSE Maths assignment for your students


We would love to give you a demo of how powerful and easy our platform is to use. Interested in learning more about how you could start using schoolonline.co.uk in your classroom? Just head here to our schools page and fill out the form to request a free trial.

See for yourself why the thousands of students using our platform are succeeding with our Smarter Learning, Better Grades approach.


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