The glorious summer days are getting very slightly shorter, there’s a hint of cooler days in the air, and you may even have seen an amber coloured leaf blowing across the ground. All of this can mean only one thing; summer is leaving us and autumn is on its way and with that comes a brand new school year.

There are always mixed feelings during this time of the year for students. Even those of us who have been out of the education system for years can’t help but anticipate the coming term with a feeling of excitement and trepidation. On the one hand, school means being reunited with friends, favourite subjects and a steady routine. On the other hand, it means giving up that independence and sense of freedom that always comes with the summer holidays.

However you feel about school, the easiest way to get ready for the year ahead is to create some healthy habits.


Equip yourself with some beautiful stationery – nice stationery makes everything easier – and set aside an afternoon to create a bullet journal. It can be easy to get frustrated when you have a lot on your plate, so a bullet journal can help you make everything easier.

Homework is often one of the biggest sources of anxiety for going back to school and many new school year resolutions are centred around it; like getting it done as soon as you get home and making sure not to leave it too late. Your bullet journal will allow you to make time for your studies as well as ensuring you have your free time and is an excellent habit to get into whatever your age. Look on Instagram or Pinterest for some excellent bullet journal inspiration.


At any age, it’s never easy to balance responsibilities with the things we want to do the most. Seeing friends can take up time, effort and often money, but it’s also incredibly important for our wellbeing.

Make a plan to meet your friends at a sports centre for a swim or badminton once a week, join a school club or start a team sport like netball or hockey. This will mean you can spend time with friends in a healthy environment, and the structure of your socialising means you have more time to spend on your studies.


During your school years, school work and socialising are often your top priorities (not always necessarily in that order), but it’s vital to create habits which encourage positive mental health too. Mindfulness has proven to help people cope with stressful situations, so getting into the habit at the start of the school year will help you when exam time rolls around. There are many apps you can download which help you get started.

With a positive mental attitude we can accomplish a lot, so entering the new school year with openness and confidence is the best way to take on the new challenges that lie ahead.