Every parents wants to help their child do the best they can on their GCSE Maths exam. But how to actually go about doing that?

Passing an exam requires knowledge, but it also requires skills such as the ability to revise efficiently, to manage time under pressure and to concentrate for long periods.

You might not have the knowledge to help your child to revise for an exam, but you will be able to help them to gain the skills they need to maximise their success. You can also help to build their confidence, ease their stress and support them if things don’t go quite to plan.

Not everybody learns in the same way. Some people cement a topic in their minds when they hear someone talk about it or discuss it themselves. Others find the best way to remember things is to write them down.

Identify Your Child’s Learning Style to Help Them Ace Their GCSE Maths Exam.

GCSE Maths Learning Styles

Work with your child to help identify the best way for them to revise. Do they remember something better when you tell them about it or do they need to discuss a topic to grasp it fully? Some children are social learners who prefer revising in a group. Others need solitude and quiet to study effectively. This is particularly the case with GCSE Maths, which can require a lot of focus and concentration.

While it is worth identifying the methods your child feels most comfortable with, it is often best to combine a mixture of approaches. This will prevent boredom and give your child the full range of skills they need for each subject.

“Teachers are frequently criticised for “teaching to the exam”. I can understand parents’ concerns, but it’s often necessary to focus on the exam to get students to understand what’s required of them. A child may have great knowledge, but they won’t be able to show it without the right exam skills.”

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