KS2 Success

for every student in English & Maths

Help your students catch up and prepare for secondary school.

With our comprehensive video tutorial programme of over 470 videos, covering all the critical skills needed for KS2 success in both English and Maths. These step-by-step video tutorials are taught by the same experts who mark the SAT’s exams, and are expertly designed to follow the key assessment objectives tested by SAT’s which ensure children are fully prepared to move to secondary school.


In our student panel trial, KS2 students improved their Maths scores by over 28.6% on average, spending just 1 hour a week on SchoolOnline over 4 weeks.
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KS2 English

Carla is one of our two passionate KS2 teachers. Their tutorial videos focus on the critical Reading and Writing skills children need to master to really succeed in English in their KS2 SATs and beyond. 

KS2 Maths

Patricia is our Maths examiner, and will be marking KS2 (SATs) Maths exams next summer. She knows exactly how to get full marks on each question (and how to avoid last year’s common mistakes!).

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