We have created standardised assessments for both English and Maths for the 6 week pilots. For Maths, we have provided one assessment paper. Your students should take this before the 6-week trial and then the same paper after, to measure their progress.

For English, the assessment consists of one fiction paper and one non-fiction paper. The pre and post trial assessments are based on different reading material.

You can download this material along with the Answer Books and Mark Schemes below.

Your students will take these assessments on paper before moving onto the SchoolOnline platform to to start their learning. 

Please allow around 40 minutes for the Maths assessment and 60 minutes total for the English assessment (30 mins for each paper). 

Maths Pre and Post Pilot Assessment (same test)

English Pre-Pilot Assessment


English Post-Pilot Assessment

Creating Assignments

For Your Pilot

The 6 weeks of study during the pilot will be based on the “SATS 6 Week Grade Boost” course, available in the Courses section of the platform.

You will be setting each week’s course content as an “assignment” so you can track your students’ work and their results. We will prepare these lists for you so they are all ready to be set as assignments (and can help with setting the assignments as well!).

To support you in creating and marking assignments on SchoolOnline Classroom we have also attached two tutorial videos, walking you through how to set your assignments. If you would like any more support using the platform you can head over to our tutorial videos by clicking  here or contact our live helpdesk through the green bubble in the bottom right hand corner. 

Top Tips For Running a Pilot

Below are some tips which we have noticed have worked well in previous pilot programmes and which may be useful to implement in your pilot. 

Imane Using SO
CACT using SO 2

We're Here To Help

If you have any problems or technical difficulties during your 6-week pilot please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

Our live help desk can be found through the green bubble in the right-hand corner and is staffed by live people, on hand to support you through any issues you may have or if you would like further support in running your pilot. 

Good luck with your pilot! 

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