How To Run A KS2 Trial With SchoolOnline

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We're here to help you with every step you need to take to run your trial and maximise your student's results.

We have created a clear programme of study for your students to follow, but it’s vital you check that this meets the needs of your young people. The programme has been designed by current teachers using modern schemes of work and is tailored around the content which is found in the assessments your students will take before and after the pilot. 

How To Get Started

When completing a pilot with SchoolOnline you can take one of two routes with your students. 

Whichever route you choose to take in your pilot, we recommend asking your students to sit a pre and post-trial assessment. This is to give you an accurate picture of how much impact using the platform has made for them. You can download the assessment material below: 

Option 1- Follow a Pre-set 6 Week Course

You can ask students to work through the weekly units of our 6-week structured course. 

  • This can be found in the courses section of their login under the course: 6 Week Grade Boost.
  • Your students can work through a pre-set scheme of work from our expert tutors.
  • You may choose to utilise this in the classroom or ask them to complete it as homework.
  • However, through option 1 you will not be able to see your whole class progress on each course. 

Option 2- Set Your Own Assignments

Alternatively, you could follow a set scheme of work and set this as a weekly assignment. This allows you to get much more in-depth statistics on your students’ answers and better progress analytics throughout the trial. 

To complete your trial in this way you will need to:

  • Download the 6-week schemes of work (attached below)
  • Set them as weekly assignments for your students to complete in class or at home.
  • After your students have completed this you can go in and mark each weekly assignment (for any questions that are not auto-marked). 

Top Tips For Running a Trial

Below are some tips which we have noticed have worked well in previous trial programmes and which may be useful to implement in your pilot. 

Imane Using SO
CACT using SO 2

We recommend your students take this assessment both before the 6 week trial and after they have used the platform for 6 weeks to measure their progress.

For Maths, we have provided one assessment paper. Your students should take this before the 6-week trial and then the same paper after, to measure their progress.

For English, the assessment is slightly different. You can download fiction paper 1 and non-fiction paper 1 that your students can sit pre-trial. We have also then attached a fiction and non-fiction paper 2 for them to take after finishing the trial, with different content to apply their skills to. 

You can download this material below. 

Creating Assignments

For Your Trial

If you have chosen to create assignments during your trial you can download the recommended schemes of work by clicking on the images below.

To support you in creating and marking assignments on SchoolOnline Classroom we have also attached two tutorial videos, walking you through how to set your assignments. If you would like any more support using the platform you can head over to our tutorial videos by clicking  here or contact our live helpdesk through the green bubble in the bottom right hand corner. 

We're Here To Help

If you have any problems or technical difficulties during your 6-week trial please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

Our live helpdesk can be found through the green bubble in the right-hand corner and is staffed by live people, on hand to support you through any issues you may have or if you would like further support in running your trial. 

Good luck with your trial!