Case Studies

Why do we run trials?

There are plenty of online learning programmes that will promise you better grades. How do you know you can trust the claims they’re making?

We believe the only way to provide real proof of these claims is through trials and case studies, following real students, in real life settings, and sharing all the data with you, our customers, so you can make your own decision.

Charlton Athletic

Community Hub Pilot

This Spring, we worked with 30 KS2 students at the Charlton Athletic Community Hub over 6 weeks, setting them just 1 hour a week per subject on SchoolOnline. They took assessments before starting the pilot and after the completion of 6 weeks.

On average, they improved their Maths scores by 76.7%, and their English scores by a huge 100.5%!

The blue bars in the chart show their scores before using SchoolOnline for 6 weeks, the green bars show how much they added to their scores in the final test.

CACT Trial results of KS2 students after online tuition
photo of KS2 English online tuition results CACT trial results

I think this programme was great and beneficial for children in many different ways, the children enjoyed the use of being able to work independently and with their friends, the videos were extremely popular and useful for the children as it was clear, simple and straight to the point.

Hodan Yusuf 768x429 1

- Hodan Yusuf - Teacher, B Young Stars

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Ranikhet Academy: REAch 2 Trust

Ranikhet Academy is a primary school based in Reading, Berkshire. Their website proudly states: “Our school belongs to the staff, the children and the community”.

Assistant Headteacher, Ben Thomas reflected on Ranikhet’s desire to improve outcomes, embrace new technology but keep a keen focus on the individual needs of students.

Early success with intervention groups meant that Ben had the confidence to bring this to a wider cohort and he did so with stunning impact.

Ben was already convinced of the efficacy of the platform before the trial but even he was impressed with the wider results showing impact at both the bottom and top of the class.

ranikhet academy

Having used a range of resources in the past to set home learning, develop intervention resources and give something for students to revise and refine skills.

SchoolOnline is definitely the best resource I’ve used in this respect. The video content, subsequent questions and monitoring all help to continually aid the pupil in achieving what they can at the end of KS2.

ben thomas

- Ben Thomas - Assistant Headteacher

How the assessment was run:

  • A full Year 6 cohort in Ranikhet Academy participated in the trial in the Spring 2022 term.
  • Students set a base level assessment out of 31 marks, under full test conditions, at the start and end of the programme.
  • Students then spent 45-60 minutes per week over 9 weeks following our KS2 courses with an additional targeted assignment set weekly (broadly targeted for the whole cohort). SchoolOnline was accessed both in classroom sessions weekly (fully independently in the ICT suite) and also at home.
  • Average individual improvement – 93%
  • Total cohort improvement – 56%
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Elton High School

The Elton High School is a co-educational Community Comprehensive High School for students aged 11-16 years based in Bury, NW England. Then Head of Maths, now Assistant Headteacher, David Wilson wanted to look at technological solutions to reduce teacher workload and improve outcomes.

elton highschool trial 1

I first came across SchoolOnline in February 2020. I’ve seen plenty of offerings from various companies over the years promising this and that, but SchoolOnline had something that really impressed me. We conducted a school trial over the summer of 2020 and the results were hard to ignore.

To enable to us to measure the impact we had a pre-summer test and post-summer test. In between these dates, the only Maths that the students did was using SchoolOnline. The average uplift in score between the two papers was 34.6%. I’ll say that again - 34.6%!

david wilson

- David Wilson - Assistant Headteacher

Something had definitely stirred for David and his conviction as to the benefits conferred 3 tangible benefits:

  1. It boosts student confidence levels.
  2. A confident student is then much more likely to engage in independent study or revision.
  3. Looking at the data it’s clear that those who use SchoolOnline are associated with the stronger outcomes at GCSE level.

In Summer 2020 Elton High School undertook a GCSE Maths trial to assess the impact of the platform on a selected cohort of students.

  • All selected students were sitting Higher Maths. Students set a base level assessment mock exam created from past AQA exam questions.
  • Students followed a 6-week revision plan of c.60 minutes weekly revision on the platform.
  • Students set a final assessment mock exam, with different questions, covering the same curriculum content. This group of students remained significantly higher in their performance throughout their GCSE Maths
  • compared with their non-participating peers

Case Studies

We followed some of the individual students in the Charlton Athletic pilot, to understand their results and also how they felt about the programme.

Youcef's Journey

with SchoolOnline

Youcef was overthinking his Maths and having problems with his English until he found SchoolOnline. Now he learns at his own pace and keeps going until he’s confident with his subjects. Great work Youcef!

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