Case Studies

Why do we run trials?

There are plenty of online learning programmes that will promise you better grades. How do you know you can trust the claims they’re making?

We believe the only way to provide real proof of these claims is through trials and case studies, following real students, in real life settings, and sharing all the data with you, our customers, so you can make your own decision.

Charlton Athletic

Community Hub Pilot

This Spring, we worked with 30 KS2 students at the Charlton Athletic Community Hub over 6 weeks, setting them just 1 hour a week per subject on SchoolOnline. They took assessments before starting the pilot and after the completion of 6 weeks.

On average, they improved their Maths scores by 76.7%, and their English scores by a huge 100.5%!

The blue bars in the chart show their scores before using SchoolOnline for 6 weeks, the green bars show how much they added to their scores in the final test.

CACT Trial results of KS2 students after online tuition
photo of KS2 English online tuition results CACT trial results

I think this programme was great and beneficial for children in many different ways, the children enjoyed the use of being able to work independently and with their friends, the videos were extremely popular and useful for the children as it was clear, simple and straight to the point.

- Hodan Yusuf - Teacher, B Young Stars

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Case Studies

We followed some of the individual students in the Charlton Athletic pilot, to understand their results and also how they felt about the programme.

Youcef's Journey

with SchoolOnline

Youcef was overthinking his Maths and having problems with his English until he found SchoolOnline. Now he learns at his own pace and keeps going until he’s confident with his subjects. Great work Youcef!

Improve your confidence & grades, just like Youcef.
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