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Supporting Home Educators

Bitesize videos from leading examiners and educators in the core subjects of English & Maths, to support you and your child in your education at home.

Whether you’re looking for a full service learning platform to set your children regular assignments and track their progress, or refresh your own knowledge on these core subjects at KS2 and KS4 supported by videos from the nation’s top examiners, SchoolOnline is here to help your children boost their knowledge in English & Maths with our Award Winning Platform.

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Targeted revision to support your alternative curriculum

SchoolOnline is the optimal resource for home educators who are looking for support in their delivery of English & Maths lessons. 

  • Set your children examiner-led revision sessions with our bite-size tutorial videos to support the learning you’re doing at home.
  • Completely flexible platform gives YOU control over what content to set your children and when.
  • Proven pedagogical approaches to Maths calculations and problem-solving.
  • Reading and writing skills that’ll help you to cover all the important skills your children need to master to do really well in English.
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The number of home educated students has grown exponentially in the last 5 years.


GCSE 4 Month
Revision Plan
1 Child


£59.99Anytime for 4 Months

GCSE 4 Month
Revision Plan
2 Children


£109.99Anytime for 4 Months

Real Children

Real Progress

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In recent trials, students improved their maths grade by 76.7% on average after just 6 weeks use.

It has really helped my child to gain confidence, build her self esteem. Before she was lacking confidence in doing her work. But as SchoolOnline is easy to access, and easy for her to work on, she loves going on day to day doing her work on it. I've seen improvement in her reading and in her Maths.

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- Ellen Otchere (Parent)


Over 900 step by step videos to show you how to ace your exams.

GCSE Maths

Access to hundreds of fully animated, expert, step-by-step videos showing you to score 100% on every past paper question from both the GCSE Foundation and Higher course.

Our examiners have seen (and marked!) it all- get insider tips on the common mistakes students make and how to avoid them so you can achieve the grade you deserve at GCSE.

(algebra, graphs, trigonometry, and more)

See How it Works
Meet our expert GCSE Maths tutor, Patricia, who guides you through over 750 digital Maths tutorials. 

Check out one of our videos here. 

GCSE English

Get in-depth video tuition for all the critical reading and writing skills you need to know for your GCSE English Language exam.

Created and delivered by highly experienced examiners this unique course with over 100 digital videos and accompanying quizzes is broken down into bite-sized modules covering specific assessment objectives (the key areas the examiners will be marking you against).

(analytical skills, paragraph structure, glossary, and more)

See How it Works
Meet Simon, one of our expert GCSE tutors who will help you to strengthen your English writing skills.

Check out one of our modules here.